About Me

Hello Everyone!!!

My name is Helen and I have been an avid crocheter for over 15 years. As a young teenager, I sat down one saturday afternoon with a hook, skien of yarn, and a self taught crochet book and haven't slowed down since.

My original interest in the art of crochet came in the form of a pink and white afghan that my Aunt Sue made for me. I never got to know Sue because cancer took her when I was still a small child, but our mutual love of crochet is what I believe keeps us connected.

Over the years, I have limited myself to making afghans and baby blankets. I have occasionally sold these items, but the majority of them have ended up in the hands of people that I care about. Within the last two years, I have started to crochet scarves and other accessories.

While browsing my blog and seeing my creations, if you like any of them and would like the patterns, please let me know.  I am starting to write my own patterns and will be posting more of them in the future.

I hope that you enjoy my blog. Feel free to comment, follow me, or leave me a link to your blog. I love to see what others are creating.

God Bless Everyone!!

The Crochet Kitty


  1. so happy to have found your lovely blog, and look forward to more~ happy new year!

    1. Thank you so much. I hope you enjoy my blog and feel free to comment on posts.....I love comments!!