Thursday, January 31, 2013


To all my followers and all that link here from other sites, I want to officially let you know that the Crochet Kitty is moving to a newer and better home.  While Blogger is a great site for hosting the simplest of blogs, for me to have access to the features that I want to make my blog a true success, I have to move to a new site.

I have mainstreamed this blog to leave only the posts for the free patterns that I have posted here.  My new blog will have the links back here, and each post here will feature a link to my new blog.

My new blog enables me to write my patterns into a document and post the link for that document to make it easier for you to print out at home.  I know how frustrating copying and pasting can be.  This also enables me to leave better detailed instructions for recreating my designs.

So please, follow the link below and join me in my new home.


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